Two new grants awarded to Dr Giulia Zanetti’s research group

Dr Giulia Zanetti’s research group has been awarded two new grants.

A European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant was awarded for a project which shows how coat assembly can deliver the flexibility necessary to accommodate a wide variety of cargo proteins, and how the process can be..

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Research symposium to be held in honour of Willie Taylor on 20th September

Patterns in Protein Sequence and Structure (Reloaded)

This research symposium will be held at Birkbeck in honour of Willie Talyor on 20th September 2019, celebrating 40 years of his pioneering research in computational biology.

This symposium will bring together past and current collaborators..

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Professor Sanjib Bhakta’s group publish article in Frontiers in Immunology

New research led by Birkbeck’s Professor Sanjib Bhakta and Professor Ester Boix from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona offers new hope in the fight against bacterial infections and the rise of antimicrobial drug resistance in tuberculosis (TB), a devastating infectious disease which presents..

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ISMB Future Perspectives Day 2019

On June 18th the ISMB held its inaugural Future Perspectives Day for
PhD students and PDRAs. The opening session (chaired by Snezana
Djordjevic) addressed the important issue of Open Access and the
changing landscape of research publications, and featured three
speakers with..

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ISMB staff retreat 2019 at London Zoo

On a sunny day in June, just before the summer solstice, staff from the ISMB at UCL and Birkbeck had their (now) annual retreat this year at the London Zoo. In our busy lives as academics, these away-days provide us with the rare opportunity to catch up with our colleagues from across Torrington Place..

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GCRF International Capacity-Building Workshop held at Birkbeck

A GCRF (Global Challenges Research Fund) International Capacity-Building Workshop to tackle Antimicrobial Drug Resistance in tuberculosis (TB) was hosted by the ISMB-Mycobacteria Research Lab at Birkbeck on 5th July, lead by Professor Sanjib Bhakta.

Dr Clare Samson, Senior Associate Lecturer..

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Professor Helen Saibil’s group publish paper in Cell Reports

Professor Helen Saibil’s research group have published a paper titled ‘Two-Step Activation Mechanism of the ClpB Disaggregase for Sequential Substrate Threading by the Main ATPase Motor’ in Cell Reports in June 2019.

The paper is available here.


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Professor Bart Hoogenboom’s group publish paper in ACS Nano

Professor Bart Hoogenboom’s research group published a paper titled ‘Quantification of Biomolecular Dynamics inside Real and Synthetic Nuclear Pore Complexes using Time-Resolved Atomic Force Microscopy’ in ACS Nano in June 2019.

The full paper is available here.


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