Prof Bonnie Wallace wins the RSC Khorana Prize 2020

Congratulations to Professor Bonnie Ann Wallace for winning the Royal Chemical Society’s Khorana Prize 2020.

This prestigious accolade is awarded for her pioneering development of biophysical methods and bioinformatics tools to enable the characterisation of ion channel-drug molecule complexes…

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Dr. Giulia Zanetti awarded Biochemical Society Colworth Medal

Congratulations to Dr. Giulia Zanetti on being awarded the 2021 Colworth Medal by The Biochemical Society, in recognition of her contributions to membrane trafficking. 
Further details about the award are available here.

Dr. Giulia Zanetti
The Biochemical Society 
The Colworth Medal


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Congratulations Hugo Villanueva | Student Update

Hugo Villanueva passed his PhD viva on 6th December 2019, having studied in Dr Renos Savva’s research group at Birkbeck, co-supervised by Dr Vitor Pinheiro and Prof Elena Orlova. Hugo had recently successfully been awarded an IPF award by LIDo to pursue commercialisation of his research.

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Two adaptive immune receptor databases hosted at the ISMB

Dr Adrian Shepherd’s computational immunology group are now hosting two databases – OGRDB and VDJbase – that focus on the analysis of large immune repertoire datasets.
The Open Germline Receptor Database (OGRDB) was developed in collaboration with members of the Adaptive Immune Receptor..

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Summer 2020 Research Lab Placements now open for application

Summer 2020 research lab experience projects are now available for application, listed on the Summer Research Lab Experience webpage.

These 6-8 week placements offer an invaluable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a research group and to get career advice from fellow students and mentors.



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Professor Steven Perkins’ paper featured on the cover of Biochemical Journal

Professor Steven Perkins (Professor of Structural Biochemistry, UCL) made the front cover of October’s Biochemical Journal (vol. 476, issue 19) with his latest paper:
Crystal structure of zinc-α2-glycoprotein in complex with a fatty acid reveals multiple different modes of protein-lipid binding

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Student Update: PhD Candidate Hugo Villanueva

PhD candidate Hugo Villanueva recently submitted his PhD thesis from BBSRC LIDo sponsored research in the lab of Dr Renos Savva. Hugo’s viva is scheduled for 5th December.

Hugo is the recipient of one of three competitive stipend awards – covering a three-month period – under the..

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