Summer Research Placements 2019

December 2018

If you’re thinking about a career in science and want to gain experience in cutting-edge research, we are now accepting applications for summer research placements 2019.


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Cool views of molecular machines

November 2018

Read Professor Carolyn Moores blog about the the new Titan Krios microscope here.


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Dr Tine Arnvig awarded MRC Grant

November 2018

The ISMB’s Dr Tine Arnvig has been awarded an MRC grant to investigate ‘Conditional termination of transcription in Mycobacterium tuberculosis’. The aim of the project is to 1. define transcriptional terminator motifs on a global scale in the human pathogen Mycobacterium..

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ISMB Commentary: An unexpected role for the enzyme Glutamine Synthetase

October 2018

Prof Francesco Gervasio’s group has contributed to the discovery and clarification of an unexpected, yet fundamental, role of the enzyme glutamine synthetase.

Glutamine synthetase (GS) is an enzyme that converts glutamate and ammonia to glutamine.  GS is expressed in..

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Dr Alan Lowe and Dr Konstantinos Thalassinos receive BBSRC grant

October 2018

Congratulations to Dr Alan Lowe and Dr Konstantinos Thalassinos on being awarded a BBSRC grant for the project, Reverse engineering cell competition using automated microscopy and recurrent neural networks, a collaboration with Guillaume Charras from the London Centre for Nanotechnology.


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Latest ISMB Newsletter: Summer 2018

August 2018

The latest ISMB Newsletter for Summer 2018 can be downloaded at the following link:

ISMB Newsletter, Issue 14, Summer 2018


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Promotion of ISMB investigators

July 2018
Congratulations to Joanne Santini and Andrew Martin on their promotions to Professor of Microbiology and Professor of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology respectively in the Research Department of Structural and Molecular Biology at UCL.


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