Our mission

The ISMB brings together scientists from a broad range of backgrounds. We share a passion for discovery and address important research questions in an integrative fashion – from molecules to systems.

We aim to:

Develop and deliver knowledge

The ISMB will strengthen the identity of structural and molecular biology required to provide a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and molecular basis of health and disease.

Train the next generation of scientists

Our high-end instrumentation, know-how and track record provide the optimal environment to train the leaders of the future. We aim to engage, support and retain the most promising talent in structural and molecular biology.

Advocate fundamental sciences

We take a lead in the communication and dissemination of the values of our research in addressing global problems and challenges by engaging a wider community.

Our vision

Important future challenges of biomedicine require that we break the traditional boundaries between structural, molecular and cell biology. We are pioneering (i) Multi-disciplinary approaches aimed to bridge across the scales of biology, and (ii) Methods to integratedisparate data across the disciplines.

Our values 

  • Scientific excellence
  • Positive research culture
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Engaging the community