About the ISMB

The ISMB is a centre of excellence, a world-leading institute in the field of structural and molecular biology. It consists of the Department of Biological Sciences at Birkbeck, the Research Department of Structural & Molecular Biology at UCL, and the Chemical Biology section of the Department of Chemistry at UCL.

The Institute provides a superb scientific environment conducive to world-class research in the field of biomolecular science. World-class research facilities at the ISMB include laboratories for X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, NMR spectroscopy, biophysical methods, cell biology, optical microscopy, bioinformatics and mass spectrometry.

The ISMB organises multidisciplinary activities that are aimed at increasing collaborative, interdisciplinary research within speciality areas and between these areas and the vast body of biomedical research taking place at UCL and Birkbeck.

The ISMB is part of the MRC and BBSRC LIDO funded PhD programmes.

ISMB Research Fellowship