ISMB seminars take place on Wednesdays during term time, providing research staff and students with the opportunity to hear talks by world class scientists.

The termly seminar series are organised around specific themes, and are co-ordinated jointly by the Research Department of Structural Molecular Biology at UCL and the Department of Biological Sciences, Birkbeck. All are welcome to attend.

ISMB Seminar Series Term 3 Summer 2023-24

Coordinators: Gabriella Heller and Graeme King

The ISMB series in April and May will feature leading biophysics experts to present their latest advancements (including molecular dynamics simulations and single molecule methods), promising a deep dive into emerging tools and approaches that offer unprecedented insights into the dynamic behaviours of biomolecules and their complex roles within biological systems at the molecular level.

Previous ISMB seminars
2023-24 Term2/Spring series: Emergent properties of complex biological systems
2023-24 Term 1/Autumn series: Tying the knot between experiment and computation in Molecular and Cellular Biology

2022-23 Term 3/Summer series: Selectivity and Promiscuity in Biomolecular Interactions
2022-23 Term 2/Spring series: Capturing scales of biological mechanisms: from individual molecules to organisms
2022-23 Term 1/Autumn series: Re-organising the Cell

2021-22 Term 3/Summer series: Immune Receptors in Health and Disease
2021-22 ISMB Special Event: Two Years of Covid-19
2021-22 Term 2/Spring series: Transcription-coupled processes: gene regulation, DNA repair and recombination in cells and viruses
2021-22 Term 1/Autumn series: RNA, the Multi-Faceted Regulator

2020-21 ISMB Special Event: Ancestry, Genetics and Race: Dealing with the Legacy of Scientific Racism
2020-21 Term 3/Summer series: Life at the single-molecule level: from DNA interactions to cell-level processes
2020-21 Term 2/Spring series: Understanding molecular machines: from mechanisms to health and disease
2020-21 Term 1/Autumn series: Redox regulation in health and disease

For further information about ISMB Seminars, please contact the ISMB administrator.