Welcome to the Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology (ISMB).

The ISMB was founded in 2003 to promote multi-disciplinary research at the interface of structural, cell and chemical biology at both UCL and Birkbeck. The ISMB is a centre of excellence coordinating UCL's and Birkbeck's strategy in these fields of research. Since then, we have become one of the premier world-class institutions in structural and molecular biology. The ISMB has a glorious past, heir to the famous department of Crystallography at Birkbeck originally founded by Sir John Desmond Bernal, a structural biology pioneer, and also the home of many famous structural biologists from Rosalind Franklin and Tom Blundell to Janet Thornton and Helen Saibil. Over the last 15 years, the ISMB has grown from strength to strength, publishing many high impact studies in Nature, Science, Cell, and many other journals, and has increased its overall funding base spectacularly. It has also developed a strategy focused on Molecular Machines, large complexes responsible for most of the cell processes. In the ISMB, we pride ourselves in doing world-class research in the most collegial and collaborative environment, with an emphasis on mentoring and promoting equal opportunities for all. In that respect, we are immensely proud of the role women have played and continue to play in all aspects of life in the ISMB. Please come visit and learn more about our faculties, our extraordinary support staff, and our students.

Gabriel Waksman, Director of the ISMB.