Snezana Djordjevic

Professor of Structural Biology of Signalling

Based at UCL

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Structural biology of signalling

Prof Djordjevic investigates how structural features impact the role of key signalling proteins. Her laboratory carries out both basic and translational research involving signalling molecules in prokaryotes and human cellular systems. Her seminal work on bacterial two component signal transduction systems and methylation regulation of the Salmonella typhimurium chemotaxis receptors was followed by more recent investigations of the molecular mechanisms of regulation of signalling in response to oxygen, in M. tuberculosis, and arsenite in rhizobium NT-26.

Selected publications

Crystal structure of the neuropilin-1 MAM domain: completing the neuropilin-1 ectodomain picture
Yelland, T., Djordjevic, S.
Structure (2016) 24 (11):2008-2015
Structural studies of neuropilin-2 reveal a zinc ion binding site remote from the vascular endothelial growth factor binding pocket
Tsai, Y.C.I., Fotinou, C., Rana, R., Yelland, T., Frankel, P., Zachary, I., Djordjevic, S.
 (2016) 283 (10):1921-1934
Autophosphorylation activity of a soluble hexameric histidine kinase correlates with the shift in protein conformational equilibrium
Wojnowska, M., Yan, J., Sivalingam, G., Cryar, A., Gor, J., Thalassinos, K., Djordjevic, S.
 (2013) 20 (11):1411-1420