Peter Coveney

Professor of Physical Chemistry

Based at UCL

Personal Website

Centre for Computational Science

The CCS is concerned with many aspects of theoretical and computational science, from chemistry and physics to materials, life and biomedical sciences as well as informatics. We explore these domains through high performance, data intensive, supercomputing and distributed (grid/cloud) computing.

Our different computational techniques span time and length-scales from the macro-, through the meso- and to the nano- and microscales. We are committed to studying new approaches and techniques that bridge these scales.

Selected publications

Rapid and Accurate Prediction of Binding Free Energies for Saquinavir-Bound HIV-1 Proteases
Stoica, I., Sadiq, S.K., Coveney, P.V.
Computer Simulation Study of the Structural Stability and Materials Properties of DNA-Intercalated Layered Double Hydroxides
Thyveetil, M.A., Coveney, P.V., Greenwell, H.C., Suter, J.
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2008) 130 (14):4742-4756
Large-scale molecular dynamics study of montmorillonite clay: Emergence of undulatory fluctuations and determination of material properties
Suter, J.L., Coveney, P.V., Greenwell, H.C., Thyveetil, M.A.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2007) 111 (23):8248-8259