Molecular Interactions

The UCL Molecular Interactions Facility provides user access to protein purification, advanced biophysical instrumentation, and computational modelling for the characterisation and structural determinations of biological macromolecules and their interactions. Together these techniques are advantageous in generating molecular structures in solution that complement those determined by crystallography, NMR or cryo-EM. The costs of annual service contracts are met from access charges from users. We lead the CCP-SAS project for atomistic scattering modelling in the UK ( that started in 2013 and has over 50 publications to its credit.

– AKTA protein purification apparatus
– Analytical ultracentrifugation (two instruments, one equipped with fluorescent optics)
– Dual polarisation interferometry
– Neutron scattering (at the ISIS and ILL facilities)
– Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations of solution scattering data
– Surface plasmon resonance (Biacore X-100)
– X-ray scattering (at the Diamond Light Source and the ESRF)

Researchers interested in these approaches should contact Professor Steve Perkins and the Facility Manager Jayesh Gor.

In addition, the ISMB Biophysics Centre provides access to a large range of instrumentation for macromolecular characterisation and functional studies.