Mark Williams

Lecturer in Biophysics

Based at Birkbeck

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Molecular Biophysics: Structure and Thermodynamics in Protein Function

Through a multi-disciplinary approach using biophysical and structural experimental methods, particularly NMR and calorimetry, together with bioinformatic analyses and physics-based molecular simulation, we aim to develop as complete as possible an understanding of the properties of biomolecular complexes. There is a specific emphasis on trying to obtain a quantitative understanding of the role of molecular structure in determining the equilibrium thermodynamics of protein complexes through development of new methods and examining fundamental concepts. We aim to utilise this knowledge to combat disease via structure-based drug discovery and design, particularly in the area of anti-microbial therapy, where we have a growing interest in the machinery of bacterial cell division.

Selected publications

Stability-activity trade-offs constrain the adaptive evolution of RubisCO
Studer, R.A., Christin, P., Williams, M.A., Orengo, C.A.
The extent of enthalpy-entropy compensation in protein-ligand interactions
Olsson, T.S.G., Ladbury, J.E., Pitt, W.R., Williams, M.A.
Protein Science (2011) 20 (9):1607-1618
Conformational diversity in the TPR domain mediated interaction of protein phosphatase 5 with Hsp90
Cliff, M.J., Harris, R., Barford, D., Ladbury, J.E., Williams, M.A.
Structure (2006) 14 (3):415-426