Jürg Bähler

Chair in Molecular Systems Biology


Based at UCL

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Genome regulation and cellular ageing

We study genome regulation during cellular quiescence, ageing and stress response using fission yeast as a simple model system. We apply multiple molecular genetic, computational and genome-wide approaches for systems-level understanding of cellular processes and complex relationships between genotype, phenotype, and environment, including roles of genome evolution, energy metabolism, transcriptome regulation and non-coding RNAs.

Selected publications

Functional and regulatory profiling of energy metabolism in fission yeast
Malecki, M., Bitton, D.A., Rodriguez-Lopez, M., Rallis, C., Garcia Calavia, N., Smith, G.C., Bahler, J.
 (2016) 17( 1):240
The genomic and phenotypic diversity of Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Jeffares, D.C., Rallis, C., et al.
Nature Genetics (2015) 47 (3):235-241
Quantitative analysis of fission yeast transcriptomes and proteomes in proliferating and quiescent cells
Marguerat, S., Schmidt, A., Codlin, S., Chen, W., Aebersold, R., Bahler, J.
 (2012) 151 (3):671-683