ISMB 4 year Interdisciplinary PhD Programme in Structural, Chemical and Computational Biology – Assessment and Research Environment

Assessment and Research Environment

As a PhD student you become a valued member of the ISMB and join with the research activity of the institute. You will have many opportunities to meet with group leaders, postdocs and fellow research students through routine events that take place throughout the year.

Details of your assessment will be provided at the beginning of your PhD studies and will include a schedule of targets in order for you to complete and submit your thesis within 4 years. Your progress is monitored through submission of written assignments, vivas, talks and poster presentations.

Programme Management

The programme is supervised by a Steering Committee led by the Director, Professor Finn Werner. The Steering Committee oversees recruitment of students onto the programme and monitors their progress throughout their PhD studies.

Further enquiries

To discuss the programme informally please contact the Director: Professor Finn Werner.