ISMB Special Public Interest Event: Two Years of COVID-19

ISMB Special Public Interest Event

Two Years of COVID-19: did we follow the Science?

A discussion, Q&A meeting with Deenan Pillay, Anthony Costello and Christina Pagel, chaired by Rachel Tanner

This event took place online on 23 March 2022.


The Covid-19 pandemic has swept across the world causing heartache, financial turmoil and controversy like few health-related issue ever before. Two years of Covid-19 has cost millions of lives and billions of pounds, but could many lives and pounds have been saved? Where do we go from here, how do we make sure that the whole world gets access to, and uses, vaccinations? Are the stark inequalities we’re seeing specific to the virus or has this pandemic uncovered and exacerbated underlying problems in society? Did we really ‘follow the science’, and what science?

This ISMB special-interest meeting provides a platform for three prominent UCL guests that have led much of the public conversation about the handling of the Covid-19 crisis:

Prof Anthony Costello, Professor of Global Health and Sustainable Development at UCL

Prof Christina Pagel, Professor of Operational Research, UCL

Prof Deenan Pilay, Professor of Virology, UCL Pro-Vice-Provost International at UCL


Chair: Dr Rachel Tanner, the Access and Outreach Officer for the Institute of Human Sciences from the Jenner Institute in Oxford