Graeme King

Lecturer in Single-Molecule Biophysics

Based at UCL

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Single-molecule studies of genome processes

Our lab develops and applies innovative single-molecule approaches to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that drive genomic processes. To this end, we employ a combination of optical tweezers, fluorescence microscopy and nucleic acid engineering. A key focus is on understanding how changes in DNA structure regulate genome function. Towards this goal, we are developing single-molecule strategies to unravel how enzymes, such as topoisomerases, regulate DNA topology and how DNA supercoiling can alter DNA-protein interactions.


Selected publications

Unravelling the mechanisms of Type 1A topoisomerases using single-molecule approaches. 

Spakman, D., Bakx, J.A.M., Biebricher, A.S., Peterman, E.J.G., Wuite, G.J.L., King, G.A. 

Nucleic Acids Research (2021) 49, 5470–5492 


Constructing arrays of nucleosome positioning sequences using Gibson Assembly for single-molecule studies. 

Spakman, D., King, G.A., Peterman, E.J.G., Wuite, G.J.L. 

Scientific Reports (2020) 10, 9903  


Supercoiling DNA optically. 

King, G.A., Burla, F., Peterman, E.J.G., Wuite, G.J.L. 

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2019) 116, 26534–26539