Elena Orlova

Professor of Macromolecular Systems


Based at Birkbeck

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Electron Cryo-Microscopy and Image Processing

My major interests are in structural analysis of macromolecules using electron microscopy (EM) and image processing. Some time ago, together with Prof M. van Heel I developed a method for ab-initio determination of the angular orientations of particle images to generate (3D) reconstructions from EM images. This angular reconstitution technique was integrated into IMAGIC software, which is used in EM image processing by EM groups worldwide. My group has developed important EM methods for the analysis of samples.

Selected publications

Novel Inter-Subunit Contacts in Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus Revealed by Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Clare, D.K., Pechnikova, E.V., Skurat, E.V., Makarov, V.V., Sokolova, O.S., Solovyev, A.G., Orlova, E.V.
Structure (2015) 23 (10):1815-1826
Structural rearrangements in the phage head-to-tail interface during assembly and infection
Chaban, Y., Lurz, R., Brasilès, S., Cornilleau, C., Karreman, M., Zinn-Justin, S., Tavares, P., Orlova, E.V.
PNAS (2015) 112 (22):7009-7014
Structure of a type IV secretion system
Low, H.H., Gubellini, F., Rivera-Calzada, A., Braun, N., Connery, S., Dujeancourt, A., Lu, F., Redzej, A., Fronzes, R., Orlova, E.V., Waksman, G.
Nature (2014) 508 (7497):550-553