Dr Tine Arnvig awarded MRC Grant

November 2018

The ISMB’s Dr Tine Arnvig has been awarded an MRC grant to investigate ‘Conditional termination of transcription in Mycobacterium tuberculosis’. The aim of the project is to 1. define transcriptional terminator motifs on a global scale in the human pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis and 2. to investigate post-transcriptional control of gene expression associated with inherent drug-resistance genes and anti-TB drugs.
Above: Left panel illustrates the principle of regulated or conditional termination, leading to expression of genes under specific growth conditions only. Right panel shows cording M. tuberculosis (photo credit Robin Chamberland).


Moreover, Tine will be hosting a research fellow, Terry Kipkorir, for two years from March 2019.  Terry has been awarded a Newton International Fellowship with Tine as co-applicant, and he will be working at the SMB on post-transcriptional regulation of methionine metabolism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.