Friday Wraps

ISMB 'Friday Wrap' meetings are held weekly during term time, and provide a forum for discussion with colleagues, and updates about the latest developments in our research. Talks are given by postdocs, final year PhD students and/or young PIs.

Members of the following departments are welcome to attend:

Research Department of Structural and Molecular Biology, UCL
Department of of Biological Sciences, Birkbeck
Department of Chemistry, UCL
School of Computer Sciences and Information Systems, Birkbeck

Spring 2019 Schedule

Venue: Glaxo-Wellcome Seminar Room (B62/63), Birkbeck College, Malet Street (unless otherwise stated)
Time: 15:00-16:00 talks, followed by refreshments
Dates: Fridays from 18th January to 22nd March, except 15th March.
Date Titles and Speakers Venue
18th January Probing ribosome–nascent chain interactions and intracellular quinary structure with NMR relaxation measurements
Chris Waudby, Professor John Christodoulou's group

A long non-coding RNA that prolongs cellular lifespan by fine-tuning of metabolic flux?
Shajahan Anver, Professor Jurg Bahler's group

Glaxo-Wellcome B62, Birkbeck
25th January Exploiting protein evolutionary data to predict protein function and functional sites
Sayoni Das, Professor Christine Orengo's group

The Crystalline Armour - Structure of the S-Layer of Clostridium difficile
Oishik Banerji, Professor Gabriel Waksman's group

Glaxo-Wellcome B62, Birkbeck
1st February Single-molecule kinetics of pore assembly by the membrane attack complex
Ed Parsons, Professor Bart Hoogenboom's group

Enzyme clusters in cell-wall peptidoglycan metabolism machinery as novel therapeutic targets for anti-TB drug discovery
Arundhati Maitra, Dr Sanjib Bhakta's group

Glaxo-Wellcome B62, Birkbeck
8th February Title TBA
Professor Neil McDonald's group

Title TBA
Dr Brian Ho, Department of Biological Sciences, Birkbeck

Glaxo-Wellcome B62, Birkbeck
15th February Title TBA
Emir Aciyan, Dr Alan Cheung's group

Title TBA
Joe Beton, Professor Helen Saibil's group

Glaxo-Wellcome B62, Birkbeck
22nd February Site-specific mutants of ZAG
Henna Zahid, Professor Stephen Perkins' group

Title TBA
Henry Taunt, Professor Saul Purton's group

Glaxo-Wellcome B62, Birkbeck
1st March
(Re)design of the chloroplast genome: towards a synthetic organelle
Harry Jackson, Professor Saul Purton's group

Title TBA
Stephen McCarthy, Professor Alethea Tabor's group

Glaxo-Wellcome B62, Birkbeck
8th March
Title TBA
Sony Malhotra, Professor Maya Topf group

Cdk5 and GSK3 inhibit Fast Endophilin-Mediated Endocytosis
Alessandra Casamento, Dr Emmanuel Boucrot's group

Glaxo-Wellcome B62, Birkbeck
15th March
No Friday Wrap this week. Glaxo-Wellcome B62, Birkbeck
22nd March
Title TBA
Professor Andres Ramos' group

Studies into photoactivatable protein conjugates
Roshni Malde, Dr Jamie Baker's group

Glaxo-Wellcome B62, Birkbeck