ISMB X-mas Colloquium

ISMB X-mas Colloquium
16 December 2020

The ISMB is celebrating four top researchers that present their prize-winning research in a relaxed setting providing a perspective to the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come! The colloquium will be held online due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. To attend, please use the link included in promotional emails or contact


1300 hrs
Prof Finn Werner, Yule introduction
1303-1330 hrs
Prof Bonnie Wallace was awarded the ‘Khorana Prize’ from the Royal Society of Chemistry for her pioneering development of biophysical methods and bioinformatics tools to enable the characterisation of ion channel-drug molecule complexes
Title: ‘A Christmas Channel’
1330-1400 hrs
Prof John Christodoulou was awarded the ‘Sosei Heptares Prize’ from the Biophysical Society for his original and influential contributions to the advancement of biomolecular NMR and the biophysical analysis of protein folding on the ribosome.
Title: ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Co-translational Folding at home’
1400-1430 hrs
Dr Giulia Zanetti was awarded the ‘Colworth Medal’ from the Biochemical Society in recognition of her contributions to membrane trafficking
Title: ‘The Picture of a Complex Array’
1430-1500 hrs
Prof Sanjib Bhaktha was awarded the ‘Microbiology Outreach Prize’ from the Microbiology Society for educating the public about tuberculosis (TB) and effectively control the disease burden within the wider community.
Title: ‘TB or not TB’

1500-1615 hrs
ISMB X-mas science pub quiz
Scientists from UCL, Birkbeck and further afield are welcome to this Christmas seasonal event!