The ISMB NMR facility aims to expand the frontiers of biomolecular NMR spectroscopy through a combination of advanced method development and their application to important questions in modern biology. Particular expertise exists in understanding protein dynamics: NMR can report with exquisite sensitivity and at residue specific level on biological motions across a range of timescales from picoseconds to days.

Thanks to recent support from the Wellcome Trust through a Multi-User Equipment Grant led by NMR Facility Director Professor John Christodoulou and with Professor Flemming Hansen, the ISMB now holds three NMR spectrometers ranging in magnetic field from 11.7 Tesla to 18.8 Tesla with high-sensitivity cryogenic radio-frequency probes installed for each. An experienced NMR spectroscopist (Dr Angelo Figuerido) has overseen the recent upgrade and manages the facility.

Researchers interested in using this technology should contact Dr Angelo Figueiredo.