Nicholas Luscombe

Professor of Computational Biology

Based at UCL

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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

We are a computational biology laboratory with a particular interest in the genome-scale analysis of transcriptional regulation and evolution.

Our goal is to use genomic data to understand: (1) How is gene expression regulated; (2) How do these mechanisms control interesting biological behaviours; and (3) How does gene regulation affect evolution?

We use a genomic approach as it allows us to identify common principles that apply to most biological systems. Unique or unusual cases - which always occur in biology - could then be understood within this broader context.

Most of our work depends on publicly available data, but we also collaborate closely with a few experimental laboratories.

Selected publications

Genomic landscape of oxidative DNA damage and repair reveals regioselective protection from mutagenesis
Poetsch, A.R., Boulton, S.J., Luscombe, N.M.
Mapping long-range promoter contacts in human cells with high-resolution capture Hi-C
Mifsud, B., Tavares-Cadete, F., Young, A.N., Sugar, R., Schoenfelder, S., Ferreira, L., Wingett, S.W., Andrews, S., Grey, W., Ewels, P. A., Herman, B., Happe, S., Higgs, A., LeProust, E., Follows, G.A., Fraser, P., Luscombe, N.M., Osborne, C.S.
Nature Genetics (2015) 47 (6):598-606
Evidence of non-random mutation rates suggests an evolutionary risk management strategy
Martincorena, I., Seshasayee, A.S., Luscombe, N.M.
Nature (2012) 485 (7396):95-98