Michael Porter

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry


Based at UCL

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Synthesis of biologically active compounds

Our research uses the techniques of modern organic synthesis to prepare molecules of biological interest. Current research focuses on a unique inhibitor of RNA polymerase III, tagetitoxin; we hope that through synthesis of this compound and analogues thereof we will be able to develop valuable tools for the study of transcription.

Selected publications

The structure of Tagetitoxin
Aliev, A.E., Karu, K., Mitchell, R.E., Porter, M.J.
Inter- and Intramolecular reactions of 1-deoxy-1-thio-1,6-anhydrosugars with alpha-diazoesters: synthesis of the tagetitoxin core by photochemical ylide rearrangement
Porter, M.J., Mortimer, A.J.P., Plet, J.R.H., Obasanjo, O., Kaltsoyannis, N.
Controlling electron emission from the photoactive yellow protein chromophore by substitution at the coumaric acid group
Parkes, M.A., Phillips, C., Porter, M.J., Fielding, H.H.