Katherine Thompson

Senior Lecturer


Based at Birkbeck

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Biophysical, physical chemical and bio-computational methods applied to reactions at biologically relevant interfaces

We are primarily interested in processes that occur at biological interfaces and probe these using a variety of biophysical and biochemical techniques including neutron and X-ray reflection, small angle neutron scattering, a variety of spectroscopic methods and molecular simulations. Current projects include the structure of lung surfactant (the fluid that lines the lung) and changes that occur to it upon exposure to environmental air pollutants such as ozone and ultrafine particles, and factors that influence lipid and protein organization within cell membranes.

Changes to DPPC Domain Structure in the Presence of Carbon Nanoparticles
Sheridan, A.J., Slater, J.M., Arnold, T., Campbell, R.A., Thompson, K.C.
Langmuir (2017) 33 (39):10374–10384
Environmental Pollutant Ozone Causes Damage to Lung Surfactant Protein B (SP-B)
Hemming, J.M., Hughes, B.R., Rennie, A.R., Tomas, S., Campbell, R.A., Hughes, A.V., Arnold, T., Botchway, S.W., Thompson, K.C.
Biochemistry (2015) 54 (33):5185−5197
Degradation and Rearrangement of a Lung Surfactant Lipid at the Air–Water Interface during Exposure to the Pollutant Gas Ozone
Thompson, K.C., Jones, S.H., Rennie, A.R., King, M.D., Ward, A.D., Hughes, B.R., Lucas, C.O.M., Campbell, R.A., Hughes, A.V.
Langmuir (2013) 29 (14):4594–4602