Jim Pitts

Senior Lecturer


Based at Birkbeck

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Structural molecular biology

I am a senior lecturer here at the Birkbeck Department of Biological Sciences [formally Crystallography]. I started out as a biochemist, then I took my PhD in protein crystallography. I set-up the first recombinant DNA facility at Birkbeck to undertake protein engineering using site-directed mutagenesis and expression using recombinant DNA to express proteins in bacterial and fungal systems. This was followed by further research in structural molecular biology here at Birkbeck, involving protein crystallography, spectroscopy and homology modelling/drug design focussed on hormones and medically interesting protein targets. I now mainly teach molecular biology and protein structure.

Selected publications

Disjoint combinations profiling (DCP): a new method for the prediction of antibody CDR conformation from sequence
Nikoloudis, D., Pitts, J.E., Saldanha, J.W.
PeerJ (2014) 2:e455
A complete, multi-level conformational clustering of antibody complementarity-determining regions
Nikoloudis, D., Pitts, J.E., Saldanha, J.W.
PeerJ (2014) 2:e456
Structure–function studies of an IGF-I analogue that can be chemically cleaved to a two-chain mini-IGF-I
Geddes, S., Holst, P., Grotzinger, J., Gill, R., Nugent, P., De Meyts, P., Wollmer, A., Wood, S.P., Pitts, J.E.
Protein Engineering (2001) 14 (1):61-65