Jane Nicklin

Senior Lecturer in Microbiology


Based at Birkbeck

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Mycology research

My research centers on the study of fungal biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology. It includes biological control of pests, weeds and diseases using fungi, toxin and enzymes of fungi, and fungi in heritage collections.

Many of the biological activities of fungi are of potential commercial value, for example where fungi can be used as biological control agents of insect pests. An important project has been the investigation of the potential of biological control of the Rubus sp. that is an invasive weed on the Galapagos Islands and Hawaii. We also have several projects on the control of both plant animal and human parasitic nematodes sp. using fungi.

Other aspects of my work include understanding the specificity and mode of action of toxins produced by fungi with activity against plants and animals .

Fungi have become a significant issue in indoor air quality, culminating in the publication of WHO guidelines for indoor air quality on dampness and mould in September 2011. I have been working with a number of Heritage organisations (including English Heritage and the National Trust) monitoring and advising on the presence and hazard of fungal species in air and on collections.

Selected publications

Two entomophagous isolated from Sumatera Utara; potential as biocontrol agent against nematode
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Jurnal Pertanian Tropik (2016) 3 (1):43-51, ISSN Online No : 2356-4725
Comparative growth and efficacy of Trinidadian strains of Isaria fumosorosea blastospores for controlling Trialeurodes vaporariorum on bean plants
Avery, P.B., Simmonds, M.S.J., Faull, J.
Journal of Biopesticides (2015) 8 (1):1-12
Using particle size analysis to determine the hydrophobicity and suspension of fungal conidia with particular relevance to formulation of biopesticide
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