Jamie Baker

Reader in Chemical Biology


Based at UCL

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Chemical Biology and Targeted Therapeutics

Our group is highly interdisciplinary, working at the boundary between organic synthesis, biology and medicine. Ongoing projects include; the development of new classes of reagents for protein modification; the construction of homogeneous antibody conjugates as targeted therapeutics and diagnostics; the design of albumin bioconjugates for drug delivery; exploring new photo-triggered chemical reactions; and the development of photoactive probes for controlling ion channel activity.

Selected publications

Optimisation of the dibromomaleimide (DBM) platform for native antibody conjugation by accelerated post-conjugation hydrolysis
Morais, M., Nunes, J. P. M., Karu, K., Forte, N., Benni, I., Smith, M. E. B., Caddick, S., Chudasama, V., Baker, J. R.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2017) 15:2947-2952

Photochemically re-bridging disulfide bonds and the discovery of a thiomaleimide mediated photodecarboxylation of C-terminal cysteines
Richards, D. A., Fletcher, S. A., Nobles, M., Kossen, H., Tedaldi, L., Chudasama, V., Tinker, A., Baker, J. R.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2015) 14:455-459

Photo-antagonism of the GABA(A) receptor
Mortensen, M., Iqbal, F., Pandurangan, A. P., Hannan, S., Huckvale, R., Topf, M., Baker, J. R., Smart, T. G.
Nature Communications (2014) 5:4454