Irilenia Nobeli

Lecturer in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology

Based at Birkbeck

Personal Website

RNA and small molecule computational biology

The group's current research focus is the analysis of gene expression data produced from high-throughput technologies. We are particularly interested in changes to the transcriptome associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. We are also interested in computational methods for exploring the roles of non-coding RNA in health and disease.

In parallel, our group has a long-standing interest in applying chemoinformatics methods to analyse endogenous metabolites in model organisms and to compare their structure and physicochemical properties to those of exogenous compounds, such as drugs. Our aim is to understand the roles small molecules play in an organism, through prediction of their interactions with proteins using molecular modelling approaches.

Selected publications

Untranslated Parts of Genes Interpreted: Making Heads or Tails of High-Throughput Transcriptomic Data via Computational Methods: Computational methods to discover and quantify isoforms with alternative untranslated regions
Szkop K.J., Nobeli I.
BioEssays (2017) 39 (12):1700090
Dysregulation of Alternative Poly-adenylation as a Potential Player in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Szkop, K.J., Cooke, P.I.C., Humphries, J.A., Kalna, V., Moss, D.S., Schuster, E.F., Nobeli, I.
Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience (2017) 10:279
In silico assessment of potential druggable pockets on the surface of α1-antitrypsin conformers
Patschull, A.O., Gooptu, B., Ashford, P., Daviter, T., Nobeli, I.
PLoS One (2012) 7 (5):e36612