Giulia Zanetti

Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow

Based at Birkbeck

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Cryo-electron microscopy of coat proteins

Eukaryotic cells are organised in membrane-bound compartments that constantly and actively exchange material. Coat complexes promote transport of proteins between compartments by generating cargo-loaded membrane vesicles. Tight regulation of traffic ensures that each class of protein is delivered to the right place at the right time, so that cells can function smoothly and communicate with each other.

The first step in trafficking, cargo exit from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), is mediated by the COPII coat. My lab uses a combination of biochemistry and structural biology to understand how COPII function is regulated to promote secretion of large extracellular matrix components such as procollagens.

Selected publications

Subtomogram averaging of COPII assemblies reveals how coat organization dictates membrane shape
Hutchings, J., Stancheva, V., Miller, E.A., Zanetti, G.
Nature Communications (2018) 9 (1):4154

Cryo-EM Structure of a Relaxase Reveals the Molecular Basis of DNA Unwinding during Bacterial Conjugation
Ilangovan, A., Kay, C.W.M., Roier, S., El Mkami, H., Salvadori, E., Zechner, E.L., Zanetti, G., Waksman, G.
Cell (2017) 169 (4):708-721

The structure of the COPII transport-vesicle coat assembled on membranes
Zanetti, G., Prinz, S., Daum, S., Meister, A., Schekman, R., Bacia, K., Briggs, J.A.
eLife (2013) 2:e00951