Derek MacMillan

Reader in Organic Chemistry

Based at UCL

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Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Our group is actively engaged in the semi-synthesis of modified proteins. Protein synthesis and semi synthesis will be important in unravelling the mechanisms of action of processes involving post-translationally modified (glycosylated, phosphorylated) proteins since such processes are not template driven and not under direct genetic control. This endeavour makes use of synthetic organic chemistry, molecular biology, protein expression and protein engineering.

Selected publications

Going Round in Circles with N→S Acyl Transfer
Macmillan, D.
Synlett (2017) 28 (13):1517-1529
Skin tissue kallikrein inhibitors based on the sunflower trypsin inhibitor scaffold
Chen, W., Kinsler, V.A., Macmillan, D., Di, W-L.
PLOSone (2016) 11 (11):e0166268
Cysteine Promoted C-Terminal Hydrazinolysis of Native Peptides and Proteins
Adams, A., Cowper, B., Morgan, R.E., Premdjee, B., Caddick, S., Macmillan, D.
Angewandte Chemie International (2013) 52 (49):13062-13066