David Selwood

Professor of Biological and Medical Chemistry


Based at UCL

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Selwood group: Chemical Biology

Our laboratory conducts research on the edge of chemistry and biology using the latest techniques and developing new ones for the study of biological systems. Current projects include: phase II Multiple sclerosis treatment VSN16R, neurodegenerative therapies, and cancer immunology.


Selected publications

Big conductance calcium-activated potassium channel openers control spasticity without sedation
Baker, D., Pryce, G., Visintin, C., Sisay, S., Bondarenko, A.I., Vanessa Ho, W.S., Jackson, S.J., Williams, T.E., Al-Izki, S., Sevastou, I., Okuyama, M., Graier, W.F., Stevenson, L.A., Tanner, C., Ross, R., Pertwee, R.G., Henstridge, C.M., Irving, A.J., Schulman, J., Powell, K., Baker, M.D., Giovannoni, G., Selwood, D.L.
British Journal of Pharmacology (2017) 174 (16):2662-2681

Selective Inhibition of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Protects against Neurodegeneration in Experimental Multiple Sclerosis
Warne, J., Pryce, G., Hill, J.M., Shi, X., Lennerås, F., Puentes, F., Kip, M., Hilditch, L., Walker, P., Simone, M. I., Chan, A.W., Towers, G.J., Coker, A.R., Duchen, M.R., Szabadkai, G., Baker, D., Selwood, D.L.
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2016) 291 (9):4356-73

HIV-1 evades innate immune recognition through specific cofactor recruitment
Rasaiyaah, J., Tan, C.P., Fletcher, A.J., Price, A.J., Blondeau, C., Hilditch, L., Jacques, D.A., Selwood, D.L., James, L.C., Noursadeghi, M., Towers, G.J.
Nature (2013) 503 (7476):402-405