Bart Hoogenboom

Professor of Biophysics

Based at UCL

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Nanoscale biophysics

In our lab, we have a broad interest in the application of physical methods to understand biological phenomena at the scale of single molecules and molecular assemblies. Over the recent years, our research has increasingly focussed on molecular-scale mechanisms that are relevant for how pathogens (e.g., bugs, viruses) interact with their hosts (e.g., the human body).

Selected publications

Real-time visualization of perforin nanopore assembly
Leung, C., Hodel, A.W., Brennan, A.J., Lukoyanova, N., Tran, S., House, C., Kondos, S.C., Whisstock, J.C., Dunstone, M.A., Trapani, J.A., Voskoboinik, I., Saibil, H.R., Hoogenboom, B.W.
 (2017) 12 (5):467-473
Nanoscale stiffness topography reveals structure and mechanics of the transport barrier in intact nuclear pore complexes
Bestembayeva, A., Kramer, A., Labokha, A.A., Osmanovic, D., Liashkovich, I., Orlova, E.V., Ford, I.J., Charras, G., Fassati, A., Hoogenboom, B.W.
 (2015) 10 (1):60-64
Single-molecule reconstruction of oligonucleotide secondary structure by atomic force microscopy
Pyne, A., Thompson, R., Leung, C., Roy, D., Hoogenboom, B.W.
 (2014) 10 (16):3257-3261