Senior Research Fellow

Based at UCL

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Cytochrome c oxidase: structure, function and malfunction

I am a biophysicist/biochemist with interests in molecular reaction mechanisms of enzyme catalysis with emphasis on biological energy conversion systems. I am an expert in infrared spectroscopy and its application to protein studies. My main research project is funded by the Medical Research Council U.K. It focuses on the understanding of the proton coupled electron transfer in respiratory cytochrome c oxidases and the way 'supernumerary' subunits or environmental factors influence catalysis.

Selected publications

Structural changes in cytochrome c oxidase induced by binding of sodium and calcium ions: an ATR-FTIR study
Maréchal, A., Iwaki, M., Rich, P.R.
Functions of the hydrophilic channels in protonmotive cytochrome c oxidase and other electron transfer proteins
Rich, P.R., Maréchal, A. 
Water molecule reorganization in cytochrome c oxidase revealed by FTIR spectroscopy
Maréchal, A., Rich, P.R.