Alethea Tabor

Head of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Based at UCL

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Chemical biology of complex peptides and theragnostic nanoparticles

Research in my group is currently focused in three areas: (1) The synthesis, structural properties and mode of action of complex peptides with thioether and disulfide bridges, with a particular interest in a new class of antibacterial peptides, the lantibiotics; (2) The targeted delivery of genes and small molecules using liposome-based strategies; (3) The design and synthesis of targeted theragnostic, multifunctional nanoparticles for simultaneous imaging and delivery of cancer therapeutics.

Selected publications

Incorporation of paramagnetic, fluorescent and PET/SPECT contrast agents into liposomes for multimodal imaging
Mitchell, N., Kalber, T.L., Cooper, M.S., Sunassee, K., Chalker, S.L., Shaw, K.P., Ordidge, K.L., Badar, A., Janes, S.M., Blower, P.J., Lythgoe, M.F., Hailes, H.C., Tabor, A.B.
Biomaterials (2013) 34 (4):1179-1192

Detecting intratumoral heterogeneity of EGFR activity by liposome-based in vivo transfection of a fluorescent biosensor
Weitsman, G., Mitchell, N.J., Evans, R., Cheung, A., Kalber, T.L., Bofinger, R., Fruhwirth, G.O., Keppler, M., Wright, Z.V.F., Barber, P.R., Gordon, P., de Koning, T., Wulaningsih, W., Sander, K., Vojnovic, B., Ameer-Beg, S., Lythgoe, M., Arnold, J.N., Årstad, E., Festy, F., Hailes, H.C., Tabor, A.B., Ng, T.
Oncogene (2017) 36:3618-3628

The Role of Disulfide Bond Replacements in Analogues of the Tarantula Toxin ProTx-II and Their Effects on Inhibition of the Voltage-Gated Sodium Ion Channel Nav 1.7
Wright, Z.F.W., McCarthy, S., Dickman, R., Reyes, F.E., Sanchez-Martinez, S., Cryar, A., Kilford, I., Hall, A., Takle, A.K., Topf, M., Gonen, T., Thalassinos, K., Tabor, A.B.
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017) 139 (37):13063-13075