Anthony J Roberts

Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Principal Investigator

Based at Birkbeck

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Spatial organization within cells | mechanism and regulation of dynein

We are investigating the mechanisms by which molecules are spatially organized within living cells. A main focus is on dynein, a large but poorly understood motor protein that uses ATP hydrolysis to transport cellular components and signals along microtubules. The overarching goal of our research is to understand how dynein works as a force-generating machine, and how dynein molecules are regulated to bring about coherent cellular functions. We are also interested in how defects in the dynein machinery cause human disease, and how dynein operates with the other class of microtubule motor, kinesin. Core techniques in our research are cryo-electron microscopy, protein engineering, and single-molecule fluorescence microscopy.

Selected publications

Intraflagellar transport dynein is autoinhibited by trapping of its mechanical and track-binding elements
Toropova, K., Mladenov, M., Roberts, A.J. 
Reconstitution of dynein transport to the microtubule plus end by kinesin
Roberts, A.J., Goodman, B.S., Reck-Peterson, S.L.
eLIFE (2014) 3:e02641
Functions and mechanics of dynein motor proteins
Roberts, A.J., Kon, T., Knight, P.J., Sutoh, K., Burgess, S.A.