Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Interdisciplinary Programme


in Structural, Computational and Chemical Biology

at UCL | Birkbeck | Francis Crick Institute


This unique programme offers opportunities to study at UCL, Birkbeck College and Francis Crick Institute. Students are exposed to a wide range of training in all aspects of structural, molecular and cellular biology, chemical biology and the computational tools necessary to address important problems in biomedicine.

Interdisciplinary programme

It is difficult to envisage modern research in molecular and cellular biology, and in microbiology, without strong computational, structural, and chemical biology components. In the era of ever expanding biological complexity, computational biology is crucial in making sense of the data. Similarly, structural biology and biophysics provide essential insights into the molecular mechanisms presiding over biological processes. In turn, the chemical information provided by 3-dimensional structures can be exploited in the design of small molecule reagents which are valuable cell and molecular biology tools.

The interplay between all of these fields enables important and exciting areas of modern biology, biotechnology and medicine to be investigated at the atomic, molecular, cellular and organism levels.

Study in the heart of London

UCL and Birkbeck are located in Bloomsbury, in the heart of London. This provides an excellent opportunity to join in the professional and social life of the capital. Further details about living in London and studying at UCL and Birkbeck are available.

Fully funded PhD studentships

PhD studentships for entry in Autumn 2017 will be announced here soon.

World-class research institutes

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Slice through a cryo EM map of GroEL
Professor Helen Saibil, Department of Biological Sciences, Birkbeck, ISMB



Structure of the HP0525 ATPase, a molecular motor powering the type IV secretion machinery in Helicobacter pylori. Professor Gabriel Waksman, ISMB.