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ISMB Symposium, 3-4 June 2004
To launch the Institute of Structural Molecular Biology (ISMB) at UCL and Birkbeck, an international symposium was held on 3-4 June 2004 at University College London. The programme (below) was very popular and the symposium was a great success.

Some photos from the ISMB Lunch Symposium are now available.


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  Programme | Day 1 | Thursday 3 June
  Welcome and introductions
09.30 - 09.35 Opening comments and welcome
  Malcolm Grant, Provost of UCL
09.35 - 09.40 The Institute of Structural Molecular Biology
  Gabriel Waksman, ISMB Director
  Structural Biology Programme
09.40 - 10.30 Phosphoinositide binding domains: High fyve for NMR

Michael Overduin, University of Birmingham, UK
10.30 - 11.20 Mechanics of chaperonin action
  Helen Saibil, Birkbeck College, UK
11.20 - 11.50 Tea and coffee break
11.50 - 12.50 Structural Analysis of the Mechanism of DNA Polymerase Sliding Clamp and Clamp Loaders
  John Kuriyan, University of California Berkeley, USA
  Chemical Biology Programme
14.00 - 14.50 SMART Drug Design: Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Oncogenic Protein Kinase Src
  Tomi Sawyer, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, USA
14.50 - 15.40 Non-Viral Gene Delivery Vectors
  Helen Hailes, UCL, UK
15.40 - 16.00 Tea and coffee break
16.00 - 17.00 Chemical Biology of Protein Lipidation
  Herbert Waldmann, Max Planck Institute, Germany

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  Programme | Day 2 | Friday 4 June
  Welcome and introduction for the second day
09.30 - 09.35 Opening comments and welcome
  David Latchman, Master of Birkbeck College
  Biophysics Programme
09.35 - 10.25 Adaptive Ligands: A New Design Paradigm
  Ernesto Freire, Johns Hopkins University, USA
10.25 - 11.15 Searching for Specificity in Tyrosine Kinase-Mediated Signal Transduction
  John Ladbury, UCL, UK
11.15 - 11.45 Tea and coffee break
11.45 - 12.45 From Fundamental Protein Folding to Novel Therapies for Cancer
  Alan Fersht, University of Cambridge, UK
  Bioinformatics Programme
14.00 - 14.50 Shedding Light on GPCR Signal Transduction
  Garland Marshall, Washington University, USA
14.50 - 15.40 Predicting novel folds for globular and membrane proteins
  David Jones, UCL, UK
15.40 - 16.10 Tea and coffee break
16.10 - 17.10 Inferring Protein Function from 3D Structure
  Janet Thornton, EBI, UK
17.10 - 17.15 Concluding remarks
  Gabriel Waksman, ISMB Director
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Link to ISMB Symposium photos

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