ISMB seminars take place every Wednesday during term time, and provide staff and students with the opportunity to hear world class researchers speak at the ISMB. Termly seminar series are organised around specific themes, and are co-ordinated jointly by the Research Department of Structural Molecular Biology at UCL and the Department of Biological Sciences, Birkbeck. All are welcome to attend.

Term 3/Summer 2020-21 Seminar Series

Life at the single-molecule level: from DNA interactions to cell-level processes
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Coordinator: Dr. Graeme King

This seminar series will explore how single-molecule techniques, coupled with structural biology and biochemistry approaches, have helped to advance our understanding of biological processes. The invited speakers are from diverse backgrounds, and apply a wide range of techniques to probe topics ranging from DNA-protein interactions and protein / membrane mechanobiology to in vivo cellular processes.

All talks in the series will take place using MS Teams, via a link included in promotional emails.
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