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ISMB Retreat 2005 timetable  
Monday 27 June 2005

12:30 Arrival and registration

Buffet lunch
And ongoing registration

 Keynote talk: Professor Alan Hall, UCL
'Rho GTPases - molecular switches regulating cell behaviour'

Presentation 1: Richard Bayliss
‘Structures of two core subunits of the bacterial type IV secretion system, VirB8 from Brucella suis and ComB10 from Helicobacter pylori

14:55 Presentation 2: Tim Dallman
'Machine Learning Systems to Classify Remote Protein Homologues'

15:15 Presentation 3: Alfonso Desimone
‘Prion and water: the role of dynamical hydration sites’

15:35 Presentation 4: Chiara Guerrera
‘Quantitative Phosphoproteomics of EGF signalling’

15:55 Tea / coffee break

16:15 Presentation 5: Martin Elbs
‘Cleavable peptides and lipids to generate non-viral DNA vectors for gene therapy’

16:35 Presentation 6: Richard Fitzmaurice
‘Synthesis and Small Molecule Interactions of apo-Neocarzinostatin’

16:55 Presentation 7: Dana Durchankova

‘Agonist-induced tyrosine phosphorylation of Gq/G11alpha’

17:15 Presentation 8: Neil Justin

‘Regulation of Arfaptin induced membrane curvature by the small GTPases Rac and Arf’

17:35 Keynote talk: Professor Patrick Vallance, UCL
Exploration of the biology and clinical significance ofendogenous methylarginines

18:20 Outline of the evening and announcements

18:25 Free time before dinner / setting up posters

19:00 Three course dinner

20:30 Poster exhibition and drinks reception *

* A list of poster titles is available here
Tuesday 28 June 2005

07:30 Breakfast will be available from 7:30 onwards

Chemical biology talk: Dr Derek MacMillan, Chemistry Department, University of Edinburgh

‘Chemoselective reactions in chemical protein synthesis and glycobiology’

09:40 Presentation 9: Chris Kennaway
‘The small heat shock proteins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

10:00 Presentation 10: Beatriz Magalhaes
‘Backbone dynamics of the enzyme DDAH: Sampling of multiple conformations upon ligand-binding’

10:20 Presentation 11: Christelle Mathe
‘Cytochrome bc1 complex study by "Attenuated Total Reflection" FTIR Methods’

10:40 Tea and coffee break

11:00 Presentation 12: Abhinandan Raghavan
‘Assessing 'humanness' of antibodies’

11:20 Presentation 13: Mark Williams
‘The recognition and regulation of protein phosphatase5 by Hsp90’

11:40 Presentation 14: Jon Wilson
‘SET Domain Histone Methyltransferases’

12:00 Presentation 15: Lucas Zamboulis
‘ISPIDER: Grid-Based Integration of Biological Data Using AutoMed’

12:20 Keynote talk: Dr Steve Smerdon, National Institute for Medical Research
'Structural biology of cell signalling at Mill Hill - 10 years and counting!'

13:00 Summing up statement / announcements

13:05 Buffet lunch

14:00 Departure

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