ISMB member publications in 2004

Dr Richard Bayliss

Bayliss R, Sardon T, Vernos I, Conti E (2003) Structural Basis of Aurora-A Activation by TPX2 at the Mitotic Spindle. Mol.Cell. 12: 851-62.

Professor Jeremy Brockes

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Professor Steve Caddick

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Professor Richard Catlow [top]

Not yet available

Professor Peter Coveney

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Dr Rainer Cramer [top]

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Dr Andrew Dingley [top]

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Dr Snezana Djordjevic [top]

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Dr Paul Driscoll [top]

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Professor Jasminka Godovac-Zimmerman [top]

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Dr Helen Hailes [top]

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Professor Karl Hale [top]

Not yet available

Professor Elizabeth Hounsell [top]

Hounsell EF (2003) NMR of Carbohydrates, lipids and membranes. RSC Specialist Reports 32:335-360.

Dr Stefan Howorka [top]

Not yet available

Professor David Jones

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Professor John Ladbury [top]

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Dr Philip Lowden [top]

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Dr Charles Marson

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Dr Andrew Martin [top]

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Dr Nigel Martin [top]

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Dr Neil McDonald [top]

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Professor Boris Mirkin [top]

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Dr Carolyn Moores [top]

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Dr Sylvia Nagl [top]

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Professor Christine Orengo [top]

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Dr Elena Orlova [top]

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Not yet available

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Dr Lorenz Wernisch

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