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ISMB 'Friday Wraps' provide a forum around which to relax and get to know other members of the Institute. They also aim to facilitate communication among postdocs and students. These Friday meetings are held weekly.

Meetings begin with refreshments at 15.45, followed by two 30 minute talks from 16.00. Talks are given by postdocs, final year PhD students and/or young PIs.

Members of the following departments are welcome to attend:

Summer 2017 Schedule

Friday Wrap meetings will resume on Friday 13 January 2017. All meetings in the Spring 2017 term will take place in the Glaxo-Wellcome Seminar Room B62, Birkbeck.

Refreshments will be available beforehand in the neighbouring meeting room (B64) from 15.45, with the talks starting at 16.00. Details about the meetings are listed below and are updated as information is confirmed.


Title and Speaker


28 April 2017

Orthogonal Signalling Modes of a Neurotrophic Factor
Dr Sarah Adams, Prof Neil McDonald group

Biophysical and computational characterisation of the disorder-to-order structural transition of SHERP
Elliot Drew, Prof Bonnie Wallace group

B62, Birkbeck

5 May 2017

Talk by a member of Prof Snezana Djordjevic group

Talk by a member of Dr Chris Kay group

B62, Birkbeck

12 May 2017

Structural Insights of WHAMM's Interaction with Microtubules by Cryo-EM
Talk by Tianyang Liu, Prof Carolyn Moores group

Unravelling the solution structures of antibodies with and without glycans
Valentina Spiteri, Prof Steve Perkins group

B62, Birkbeck

19 May 2017

Talk by a member of Dr Salvador Tomas group

Bacteria as mediators of drug effects on host health-span and longevity
Povilas Norvaisas, Prof Filipe Cabreiro group

B62, Birkbeck

26 May 2017

Talk by Klaudia Cybulska, Dr Erik Arstad group

Talk by Jonathan Burns, Dr Stefan Howorka group

B62, Birkbeck

2 June 2017

Talk by Dr Andrew Hartley, Dr Amandine Marechal group

Talk by a member of Prof Christine Orengo group

B62, Birkbeck

9 June 2017

Common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs’ (NSAIDs) antibacterial action demonstrated potential of reversing intrinsic antimicrobial resistance in TB
Alina Chrzastek, Dr Sanjib Bhakta group

Talk by a member of Prof Helen Saibil group

B62, Birkbeck





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