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ISMB 'Friday Wraps' provide a forum around which to relax and get to know other members of the Institute. They also aim to facilitate communication among postdocs and students. These Friday meetings are held weekly.

Meetings begin with refreshments at 15.45, followed by two 30 minute talks from 16.00. Talks are given by postdocs, final year PhD students and/or young PIs.

Members of the following departments are welcome to attend:

Spring 2018 Schedule

Friday Wrap meetings will resume on Friday 12 January. All meetings in the Spring 2018 term will take place in the Glaxo-Wellcome Seminar Room B62, Birkbeck unless stated otherwise below.

Refreshments will be available beforehand in the neighbouring meeting room (B64) from 15.45, with the talks starting at 16.00. Details about the meetings are listed below and are updated as information is confirmed.


Title and Speaker

12 January 2018

Electron microscopy studies of a yeast model for alpha-synuclein aggregation
Natasha Burgess, Helen Saibil group

The genetic basis of cellular ageing in fission yeast
Catalina Romila, Jürg Bähler group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck
19 January 2018

Nucleotide-resolution mapping of the CRISPR array-binding protein Cbp1
Fabian Blombach, Finn Werner group

The role of fentrations in sodium channel structural and functional regulation and drug binding
Giulia Montini, Bonnie Wallace group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck
26 January 2018

Unravelling the molecular mechanism of IgG4-related diseases using biophysical methods
Gar Kay Hui, Steve Perkins group

Characterisation of cell-wall peptidoglycan metabolism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Arundhati Maitra, Sanjib Bhakta group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck
2 February 2018

Investigating the structure-specific endonuclease XPF-ERCC1 by integrative structural biology
Jones Morgan, Neil McDonald group

Title TBA
Sapir Ofer, Finn Werner group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck
9 February 2018

Hsp90 co-chaperone Cdc37 is a kinase client unfoldase: insights from FGFR3
Tom Bunney, Matilda Katan group

Characterisation of the invisible unfolding intermediate and its self-assembly by solution NMR: studies on human lysozyme
Minkoo Ahn, John Christodoulou group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck
16 February 2018

Connecting the Dot's: Legionella DotM structure reveals its role in effectors recruiting
Amit Meir, Gabriel Waksman group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck
23 February 2018

Conformational dynamics of the disease-associated protein alpha-1-antitrypsin
Alistair Jagger, James Irving group

Glucose and 2-DG liposomes as novel contrast agents for CEST MRI of tumours
Harriet Story, Alethea Tabor group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck
2 March 2018

Title TBA
Leona Leipold, Helen Hailes group

Title TBA
Shaan Subramaniam, Emmanuel Boucrot group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck
9 March 2018

Analysis and regulation of RNA modifications in the transcriptome
Paulo Gameiro, Jernej Ule group

Title TBA
Archie Wall, Jamie Baker group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck

16 March 2018

Title TBA
Jon Lees, Christine Orengo group

Talk by a member of Erik Årstad's group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck

23 March 2018

Title TBA
Joseph Newcombe, Maya Topf group

Title TBA
Dr Alex Heifetz, Andrea Townsend-Nicholson group

Glaxo-Wellcome Room B62/3, Birkbeck





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