ISMB events are organised throughout the year and contribute to the institute's dynamic research environment. ISMB events include: a seminar series organised around themes; weekly meetings to facilitate communication between ISMB members; and larger events including the ISMB Graduate Symposium, a biennial ISMB Retreat and the ISMB Symposium.

ISMB Friday Wraps (Weekly throughout term time)

ISMB Friday Wraps provide a forum around which to relax and get to know other members of the Institute. They also facilitate communication among postdocs and students. Meetings are held weekly and begin with refreshments at 15.45, followed by two 30 minute talks from 16.00. Talks are given by postdocs, final year PhD students and/or young PIs.

ISMB Seminars (Weekly throughout term time)

ISMB seminars provide the opportunity to hear world class researchers giving seminars at the ISMB. The seminars take place at lunchtime and members of the ISMB are invited to meet with visiting seminar speakers throughout the day. A group of students meets with each speaker at a free lunch and post-docs meet the speaker over afternoon tea.

ISMB Graduate Symposium (Annual)

This event is designed to give PhD students in the ISMB an opportunity to present their work and is typically attended by over 100 PhD students and supervisors.

ISMB Retreat (Biennial)

The aim of the ISMB Retreat is to explore our links to biology, to build connections between ISMB members and to encourage collaboration. It is a great opportunity for students and postdocs at UCL and Birkbeck to present their work. The 2017 ISMB Retreat will take place on 29 and 30 June 2017. Registration will open shortly.

ISMB Symposium (Biennial)

The highly successful ISMB Symposium takes place every two years and includes talks from eminent speakers in the five ISMB core areas. The 2016 ISMB Symposium took place on 29 and 30 June 2016. Details can be found here.