Biophysics programme

The ISMB biophysics programme studies the behaviour of biological macromolecules in solution and aims to elucidate the mechanisms and energetics of interactions between them.

To carry out such investigations, we use a broad spectrum of techniques including microcalorimetry, fluorescence spectroscopy, analytical ultracentrifugation, circular dichroism, and surface plasmon resonance.

Investigations of macromolecular interactions reveal the various molecular states that macromolecules must cycle through to perform their function and this complements structural biology work carried out at the ISMB. Since January 2007 the Biophysics programme has been running a Biophysics Centre, providing services to the wider research community. The Biophysics Centre was inaugurated on the 28th of November 2006.

Programme leader
Professor Steve Perkins



TATA binding protein
TATA binding protein

Institute of Structural Molecular Biology, University of London
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