Annual Postgraduate Symposium

The annual ISMB Postgraduate Research Symposium provides PhD students with the opportunity to present their work and find out about the research studies of their peers within the ISMB.

ISMB Postgraduate ‘Lockdown’ Symposium 2020

For 2020, there will be a one day Symposium celebrating the research of the ISMB’s current postgraduate students, for which attendance is open to all.

Time, date: 10:00 am–4:30 pm, Monday 15 June 2020

Location: Microsoft Teams. See Departmental email for the link to join, or contact Tabitha Owen (


10:00 Introduction by Finn Werner
10:15-12:15 Session 1 – Chair: John Christodoulou
10:15 Stephanie Webb ‘Inside the cilium: dissecting the molecular mechanism of kinesin-2 activation’ (yr-3, Roberts/Moores)
10:45 Conor Lanphere ‘Building synthetic membrane pores with designed function’ (yr-4, Howorka)
11:15 Kristina Ulicna ‘Deep Lineage with Deep Learning: Tracking the Single-Cell Heterogeneity within Non-Cancer Cell Populations’ (yr-2, Lowe)
11:45 Rebecca Roddan ­‘Norcoclaurine Synthase: Structural Studies, Enzyme Engineering and the Biocatalytic Synthesis of Novel Alkaloids’ (yr-4, Hailes/Keep/Ward)
12:15-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-13:40 Session 2 – Chair: Giulia Zanetti
13:00-13:40 Keynote talk by Jerome Gouge, ISMB Wellcome Henry Dale Fellow: ‘New tricks for an old dog: RNA Pol III in cancer’
13:45-16:15 Session 3 – Chair: Andres Ramos
13:45 Gwenny Cackett ‘The African Swine Fever Transcriptome’ (yr-3, Werner)
14:15 Matthew Sinnott ‘Combining Information from Crosslinks and Monolinks in the Modelling of Protein Structures’ (yr-4, Topf/Thalassinos)
14:45 Harrison O’Brien ‘The structure of the von Willebrand factor C3 domain’ (yr-3, Hansen)
15:15 Charles Burridge ‘Dynamics of a folded nascent chain, studied by NMR’ (yr-4, Christodoulou)
15:45 Charles Eldrid ‘Studying Protein Dynamics and Unfolding Using A Novel Mass Spectrometer’ (yr-4, Thalassinos)
16:15 Closing remarks